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Enterprise vision China's leading integrated supplier of optical and mobile communications products and services

Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom Co., Ltd was founded in 2001 with a registered capital of 272 million. The company has more than 2800 employees, of whom more than 440 are R & D personnel. On 30th March, 2018, the company's shares listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM trading, stock abbreviation: Tianyi shares, stock code: 300504.

4000The number of employees
400Employees of R & D centers
51Ranking of the top 100 companies in the communications industry
31The marketing service network has covered provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government.
167Authorized patent obtained
33Invention patent

Tianyi is dedicated to optical communication and mobile communicationindustry, specializing in physical connection and protection of communicationnetwork, mobile communication network optimization system and broadband networkterminal equipment research and development, production, sales and service. Thecompany has a rich product chain, especially in the field of opticalcommunications, relying on years of technology and channel accumulation, nowhas access to the application of the industrial chain from the main productdevelopment and production capacity. As a well-known professional provider oftelecommunication equipment in China, it has been devoted to servingtelecommunication operators for many years and has been one of the listedenterprises and major suppliers of domestic telecommunication operators.

Tianyi has always adhered to technological and product innovation, relyingon core technology, cost and management advantages, after years of development,the company has a lot of original proprietary technology in product design,production process, manufacturing process management, reliability design andother aspects, and built a physical communication network connection andprotection technology. Access network data communication technology, mobilecommunication network optimization technology as the core of the basic processand product technology platform, can be achieved from components, basic devicesto modules, system multi-level research and development. By the end of 2017,the company had authorized 140 patents, including 21 invention patents. Themarketing service network has covered 31 provinces and municipalities in China,and the products are also exported to Europe, Africa, Asia and other countriesand regions.

In 2017, the company was named by the Asia-Pacific Optical CommunicationsCommission as "China's top 10 most competitive optical devices andauxiliary equipment and raw materials enterprises". China CommunicationsIndustry Association, China Communications Industry Development CongressOrganizing Committee and China Enterprise Information Network jointly sponsoredthe "China Communications Industry Development Congress 2017"announced the top 100 enterprises in China's communications industry, thecompany ranked 51st.

Tianyi will follow the pace of Technological Development in thetelecommunication industry, further enhance its technological research anddevelopment strength, expand and deepen the domestic and internationalmarketing system, strive to become the first-class enterprise in the domesticoptical and wireless communication industry, and become a leading Integratedsupplier of optical and wireless communications products and services.

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