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Chengdu Dayi Plastic Products Factory was founded. The main production was constructionrelated plastic pipes.



We developed heat shrinkable joint closures fortelecommunication cables network and marketed them to China Post andTelecommunications Bureaus.

【Products for copper telecommunication network】

 We started production and sales of heat shrinkable joint closures.

【Products for copper telecommunication network】

The patent for RSB 450 heat shrinkable closures was awarded.

【Products for fiber optical communication】

We were involved in the production of optical patch cords.


Growing up

Sichuan Tianyi Industrial co., Ltd. was established, with the heatshrinkable joint closures fortelecommunication cables as our main production.

【Products for copper telecommunication network】

Our polyamide hot melt adhesive obtained invent patent.

【Products for fiber optical communication】

We developed and launched varous fiber optical products, such as fiber splice closures, fiber optic distribution boxes, etc.



Sichuan Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd. changed its name to Sichuan TianyiInformation Technology Co., Ltd., with registered capital of RMB 80.41 million.

Our company predecessor, Sichuan Tianyi ComheartOptoelectronics Co., Ltd. was established with registered capital of RMB 5.8million. It was engaged in the R&D and production of optical active devicesand FTTX products.

【Data terminal products】

We started the production and sales of ADSL modems.

【Products for wireless communication】

We developed and launched optical repeater system as an indoor coverage solution.

【Products for copper telecommunication network】

We started exporting heat shrinkable joint closures to Pakistan and other countries.

【Products for fiber optical communication】

We started the R&D and production of PLC fiber splitters.

【Data terminal products】

We officially started the R&D of various data Terminal products.

【Data terminal products】

IPTV STB video terminals were developed and launched.



Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Changedits name to Sichuan Tianyi Comheart Telecom Co., Ltd. with registered capitalof RMB 60 million.

【Data terminal products】

PON products were developed and launched.



The company launched its initial public offering (IPO) onthe GEM Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange with stock symbol ‘TIANYI’ and stockcode 300504.

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