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In the current business environment, human resources are the most valuable resources of enterprises and the key for enterprises to win competition and success. The best companies tend to bring together the best elites in the industry.A clear concept of talents is the basis of mutual recognition of values.Join us and work together for common development.Open a new chapter for your career and build a better future with Tianyi !

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one person walks fast, a group of people walk farther. Identify with the company's corporate culture, talents and enterprises can develop together.


study and work while thinking, solve contradictions and problems in  working, and gradually improve one's comprehensive ability.

Innovative mind

innovation is the quality that a modern person should possess, the soul of the progress of an enterprise, and the inexhaustible driving force for the prosperity of an enterprise.  

Collaborative spirit

be good at communicating with subordinates, colleagues and superiors, enhance group cohesion, gradually improve work efficiency, and play a functional role efficiently.  

Enterprising spirit

clear goal in dealing with things, rational and clear thinking, facing work with a positive attitude when encountering difficulties; have a certain ability to work under pressure.

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