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As Lao Tzu of Qin Dynasty said: Charity is a virtue.

  "The good is like water, which benefits all things without struggle ", benevolent love. As a national citizen, the enterprise has the responsibility to make its due contribution to the establishment of a harmonious and stable society. Charity is a kind of social public welfare cause beneficial to the society and the crowd, and charity behavior is a party for the enterprise to bear the social responsibility. Since its founding, the company has always adhered to public welfare and charity, public welfare and charity as a conscious responsibility, and formed a habit. Each year, special budgetary expenditures are listed for continuing charitable public welfare activities: condolences to the disabled, assistance to the poor and disadvantaged, assistance to the society and its internal staff for major diseases, special public welfare condolences, support for community education, support for mass cultural development and other emergency assistance. The company will continue to do charity as a cause, not forget the original ideals and aspirations, highlight the social value of the enterprise, and make greater contributions to the development of society.

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