Enterprise vision
Enterprise vision China's leading integrated supplier of optical and mobile communications products and services
  • Integrity

    being impartial, upright andoutspoken, fair and just on affairs, fearless; maintaining of justice, daringto say and act, abiding to rules and regulations. No greed, no evil thoughts,no association with the evil, and no satire against others.

  • Honesty

    being sincere with all aspects, trustworthy; truthful inspeech and resolute in action. Against falsification and perfunctory. No fraudor concealing. High transparency regarding internal and external affairs.

  • Innovation

    keeping pace with the world,seeking constantly innovation and development in our field of technology,management, and regulation. Against conformism, conservative and complacent.

  • Development

    the company grows and stridesforward with our employees. Our diligent employees promote the development ofthe company. In order to support them, we are building an open, harmonious,positive, effective, mutual-respective, happy and passionate atmosphere and environment.Tianyi views the company's development and our employees’ growths as one unity.

  • Sharing

    the achievements areshared among the employees, our country, the society and the company.

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