Social Responsibility
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The company's environmental management policy

  • Createa green environment

  • Abideby laws and regulations

  • preventwaste pollution

  • Saveenergy and resources

  • Persistin continuous improvement

  • Promoteenvironmental friendliness


The company implements the principles of "clean production, total volume control and up-to-standard emission", controls and prevents pollution, effectively protects the environment, benefits enterprises and society, and adheres to the principles of resource-saving and environmentally-friendly development; concerns and controls of environmental impacts throughout procurement, production, sales and service.Since 2012, we have established an environmental management system and passed the ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system inspection. We have improved management systems such as environmental pollution monitoring & prevention, and hazardous waste management. Environmental protection inspection was approved in 2014 and the clean production audit was approved in 2016. Every year, a qualified testing unit is required to perform environmental testing on the company's waste water, waste gas, noise and other pollution projects. In order to realize the transformation and development of green manufacturing and industry, build an intelligent and environmentally friendly electronics industry, and create a green and environmentally sustainable development with Tianyi characteristics idea.

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